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Hold on to your hats – the Ditto brand is evolving

Ditto vision board 2

Having spent all of last year working on making other peoples’ businesses look irresistable, we’ve decided to take a long hard look in the mirror and evaluate our own brand. For the last couple of months, we’ve been working behind the scenes to give Ditto the look it deserves.

This is not going to be easy.

I don’t have to tell you that trying to do work for yourself is the hardest work to do. You’re your own worst critic, you’re never happy, and you’re very easily distracted when someone waves a cheque at you and asks you to do paid-for work instead of focussing on your own project.

But it’s time for the next phase for Ditto.

Over the last few months, we’ve gained real traction as a respected branding agency, and it’s high time that our own brand got an overhaul to reflect our new direction. This is a simple fact of business: passions change, businesses evolve and you find yourself needing to reposition your place in the market.

It’ll be a test of our processes, and our endurance

Part of me is giddy with excitement at the prospect of a fresh new look, which sends out all the right messages. And part of me is nervous of leaving behind an identity which we feel comfortable in – even if it has become a little restrictive. I’m starting to identify with how our clients feel when they come to us. This is scary stuff!

Will you join us for the journey?

Transparency is something we hold dear at Ditto. We’re always honest, always upfront, and never hide anything from you. So while I can’t promise that my blog posts over the coming weeks will be the most polished material you’ll ever see from me, I feel that it’s only fitting that we lay ourselves bare and share the journey with you. I want you to understand why we’re making changes, and I’d definitely love to have your support along the way.

So, buckle up: you’re in for a bit of a ride.

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Proud to Present: Brand styling and a swanky new logo for Eat N Mess

Eat N Mess - brand board by Ditto Creative brand stylistsI’ve been so excited to share this project with you! Danielle Rumbelow of Eat N Mess was the first lucky person to grab one of our Spotlight slots, benefitting from having us style her brand at a reduced rate while providing extra support to get her message just right. That said, she arrived at our briefing session fizzing with energy, full of big ideas and plenty of vision so didn’t need a great deal of direction! Here’s the story of the Eat N Mess rebrand.

Danielle launched Eat N Mess two years ago, selling cakes, tray bakes and all sorts of delicious baked goodness at Farmers’ markets and foodie markets in London. She had gained a loyal following from people who adore her cakes, and make a special trip to buy their favourite treats from her stall at the trendy London markets. Her existing logo looks too home-made to get her to where she wants to go, and so Danielle approached Ditto ready to take the leap and create a more stylish, grown up and trendy brand design. The goal was to create an identity that conveys the fashionable, foodie vibe that will propel the business towards greater success.

Eat N Mess rustic crate by Ditto Creative Brand Stylists

The season personality

The Eat N Mess brand is rooted mainly in Autumn, with Summer influences. Autumn businesses are passionate, hardworking and honest. They are authentic, they are challengers and they care deeply about provenance. On the other hand, summer personalities are sleek, graceful and chic. Autumn lends a wholesome, nostalgic and trendy mood while summer influences will ensure your brand feels sophisticated and desirable. The two seasons work beautifully together; the chunky fonts associated with Autumn look amazing in a faded, vintage-themed colour palette, with hand-rendered typography added for a quirky feel.

The colour palette

The colour palette is a quirky blend of Autumn and Summer shades. A sunny yellow provides a happy, positive and feel-good mood; dusty rose provide a more laid back and gentle feel, deep orange creates an unexpected pop of colour, a faded cornflower blue is relaxed and muted, and the mint green keeps everything feeling fresh. The addition of charcoal grey as a base colour grounds the palette and provides the perfect shade to balance the brighter shades elsewhere in your palette. We’ve been careful to use grown-up shades rather than ice-cream pastels, which would undermine the message and feel too naïve.

Eat N Mess loyalty card design by Ditto Creative Brand Stylists

The brand board

The overall mood of this board is quirky and trendy. Strong slab san-serifs are contrasted with the expressive, distinctive and flowing lines of the hand lettered script logo created by Dan; clean lines are softened with hand rendered illustrations crafted by Derek to provide character, and the styling creates a welcoming and homely feel. I just love how these elements combine to create an identity with real substance and heart – it just feels so warm and nostalgic.

Eat N Mess outdoor sign by Ditto Creative Brand Stylists

Eat N Mess mugs by Ditto Creative brand stylists

Eat N Mess gold foil logo by Ditto Creative Brand Stylists


Danielle has just launched her Kickstarter campaign to help fund her new shop in Sevenoaks. Take a look at her campaign and back her here!

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5 fantastic websites for free stock photos

5-of-the-best-stock-photography-sitesRemember my post a few days ago about the essentials of using stock photography in your marketing material? I’ve had a couple of messages to ask where I find my photos for the work we do at Ditto. I love iStock and Fotolia for client work, but there are some fantastic websites you can get your hands on free images that are ideal for blog posts. Here’s my top 5 (which I’ve whittled down from this fab list at

1. Unsplash – beautiful, artfully shot images. Subscribe to their list and have 10 free images emailed to you every week.

2. Death to the Stock Photo – 10 free images per month, with the option to go pro for a wider range. Completely cheese-free images

3. Splitshire – quirky images which are totally free for commercial or personal use

4. Picjumbo – an eclectic mix of images, with new photos added every day

5. New Old Stock Photo – a beautiful collection of vintage images from public archives (I could spend hours looking at these!)

Do bear in mind that you should always double check the licensing (most of these sites contain images free from copyright restrictions, but you should always be certain of this before you use them) to ensure you’re not breaking copyright law by using them. And if you weren’t sure, pinching images from Google is never ok!

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